Hi!  I’m Kate. When I was younger I loved to create. I would spend hours decorating my room, drawing, and doing just about anything that involved color and imagination. As I got older, I continued to explore and play around with color schemes. I would paint and repaint the walls in my house dependent on my mood and the style I was feeling at the time 🙂 Then about 10 years ago I stopped. I started working a corporate job and I lost the creative side of me that kept my spirit alive.
I was living in a world of stress, I had lost my way (as far as creativity) and I became generally dissatisfied with life. I began to craft again after being diagnosed with stage 2 BRAC1 Breast Cancer. During Chemo I spent a lot of time sitting and contemplated the things I should do differently when that chapter of my life was over…
NOW… I love life, I love creating again! And I love sharing my creations with you:)
Thank you so much for stopping by my shop!  I am constantly out and about at Craft Shows and events please check out my show schedule!